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Raw Container Pickup Services

Buckner Barrels offers raw container pickup services across the Southeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-Western United States. It is vitally important that as an emptier of a package that you ensure that your spent packaging is handled in accordance with all laws. For information about the dangers of not following the appropriate guidelines, see this article. All containers that we accept must adhere to our Container Acceptance Policy.

We can accommodate all of the following raw (or dirty) containers:

We both welcome and encourage those that send us their raw containers to visit our facilities. The reality of today’s strict environmental regulation demands that all producers of secondary materials ensure that these products are handled and disposed of in compliance with all current laws and rules. All we ask is that you contact us to schedule a plant inspection – it is difficult to accommodate “drop-in” visits.

If you have a secondary product and it is not listed above, please contact us


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