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Community Involvement

We feel that businesses should exist for the benefit of all stakeholders, one of which is the communities in which we operate. We maintain a very active presence in our community. Some of the ways in which we contribute to our communities are:

  • We are a perennial title sponsor for the St. Clair County Relay for Life (where our team has won the “Best Campsite” award every single year of the event). We sponsor this event in part to honor our Chairman Emeritus, Frank Buckner, who is a cancer survivor.

  • Although we enjoy our involvement with a host of local schools, we have developed a special relationship with Springville Elementary School (SES). Each year, we host a competition with the third grade at SES where each student (about 200 of them) designs a Christmas card for us. We ultimately choose one design that becomes our Christmas card for the year.

  • We also sponsor a field trip each year for the third grade at SES – we alternate between hosting the students here at our facility for an all-day tour (where they learn about the importance of conservation and protecting the environment) and sending them to a local festival called Homestead Hollow, where they can learn about life in historic rural Appalachia.

Our founders, Frank and Lillian Buckner, have long believed in the importance of contributing to worthy causes and their spirit of philanthropy permeates all facets of our business.

2014 Christmas Card Winner
2014 Christmas Card Winner. Design by Noah Kennermur.


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